The recent global crisis has shown us how taking part in a digital based economy is important. Learning new skills, networking and participation in this economy will ensure a secure future. To ensure that Africa takes the lead in the digital based economy, we are pleased to announce that UABA’s Train the Trainer 2021 (TTT21) Extravaganza will be ONLINE. This event will take place on 3 May, 2021. It will be on the Airmeet virtual events platform. The training platform will take place from 5 May to 7 June.

The event will bring together 10 speakers, over 500 registered (TTT21) participants, organizations and the African community at large. The focus of the event will be ‘The importance of education as a key driver for blockchain technology mass adoption’. As well as act as an open day for the TTT21 registered participants. You can join for this event by clicking the link below to register for the event: