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We are reaching a million for Blockchain Technology

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Promoting acceleration and adoption of Blockchain in Africa by training individuals who will also train others. Endeavouring to accomplish the 1 Million For Blockchain Technology awareness goal through impactful training programs.

United Africa Women in Blockchain

UABA is bringing together women from all walks of life through networking and educative events.  UABA provides Women with current trends and skills in Blockchain.


Creating a network of like-minded individuals and entities. Connecting skills development with relevant industry players. Fostering digital eco-system diversification. This is the UABA Membership DNA.

United Africa Blockchain Association

The blockchain technology is one of the fastest-growing platforms on the planet. The United African Blockchain Association aim to equip each and every stakeholder with the best Blockchain education, acumen and tools to shape Africa’s future.


UABA supports the creation of a Blockchain & DLT ecosystem. To do this we come together with various stakeholders who are committed to seeing the adoption of blockchain technologies. UABA offers various membership packages, designed for the specific needs of the respective member.

Education & awareness

Education is a primary tool for establishing a Blockchain & DLT ecosystem. UABA intends to equip each and every stakeholder with the best blockchain education, employability, acumen and tools to shape Africa’s future.


Access To UABA Network

Privileged access to meet, connect, network, learn, collaborate and partner with fellow Members. Introduction to opportunities to our world-wide blockchain contacts. Privileged access to unique opportunities 

Networking Perks

Networking opportunities via free event passes from our blockchain Event Partners. Access to UABA news cycles. Advance Blockchain Technology and Use Cases.  Membership discounts for Partner employees

Shared Goals

UABA will be the catalyst to address the challenges of living in Africa in a society that is being transformed by the fourth industrial revolution, ensuring everyone is able to benefit from what the digital future has to offer.

Brand Exposure

Promotion opportunities for Partner events, education and news. Speaking opportunities at leading, world-wide blockchain events from our Event Partners. Networking opportunities via free event passes from our blockchain Event Partners

How Blockchain Works

The Blockchain is a proven technology with the potential to uplift society and individuals based on decentralized and transparent values underpinned by immutable trust and ethics. 

Our Partners

Our Team

Board Of Directors

Yaliwe Soko

Co-Founder & Chair-Person

Matthew Arnett

Director Global Relations

Joshua Salifu

Director of Academics & Research

Non-Executive Directors

Larry Mwansa

Media Relations Manager

Anita Mukuchamano

Executive Assistant to Chairperson

Shepherd Morena

Community Development Manager

Joseph Noott


Board of Advisors

Caroline Mukiira

General Manager IBM

Fred Stawitz

President, Storymakers

Dr. Sindhu Bhaskar

Director EST Capital

Wale Osborne Oderinde


Jordan Gitterman

Founder at Item Banc

Dr. Inon Schenker

Senior Advisor, Blockchain & SDGs

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